Introducing our Patient Portal

Connect with your doctor anytime, anywhere with our Patient Portal, powered by InteliChart. 

Using the Patient Portal you are now able to:

View your Health Information online

Download or print your medical information

Send secure messages to your doctor or the

Billing Department


CREATING A PATIENT PORTAL ACCOUNT WITH A PIN (obtain a PIN from RMMC by calling 318-285-7727)

  1. Visit and access the portal from our webpage on the right side of the page.
  2. Click Register Online.
  3. Click Yes you have a Registration PIN from your hospital/doctor’s office.
  4. Enter the ten-character PIN provided by the Practice. (do not include the dash).
  5. Enter your Last Name, then Click Continue.
  6. Enter a valid E-mail address (this will be your user login). Write this down in a safe place.
  7. Enter a Password (case-sensitive, minimum of 8 characters, including at least one number). Write your password down in a safe place.
  8. Re-enter the Password.
  9. Answer the Secret Questions (these questions and answers will ensure security and will be used if you forget your password in the future). Click the dropdown arrow to select different questions.
  10. Click >Register.
  11. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the address you entered in Step 6. Click the Link in the e-mail to complete the registration process.
  12. Your account should now be activated.
  13. When you return, you may log in with your username and password that you created in steps 6 & 7.



Within your Patient Portal you may now…

  1. Navigate to “My Health Record” Tab at the Top.
  2. In the Drop Down Box Select “Visits”.
  3. Locate your recent visit and select “Details”.
  4. Select “View Clinical Document”.

Look around your Patient Portal and enjoy the convenience of Connecting to your Healthcare.


If you are having problems setting up your account or viewing your information, please call the

RMMC PORTAL HELP DESK @ 318-285-7727


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